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3 Athleisure Trends For After Class

Yogis of all stripes are no strangers to the comfy appeal of yoga fashion brands. If the explosion of “athleisure” fashion (read: yoga pants) in recent years is any indication, it appears the secret has gotten out. Suddenly the shopping options for workout clothes has gone from a handful of favored standbys to a whole stable of exciting new brands, plus new lines from veteran designers. The newer athleisure lines might trace their inspiration from yoga fashion, but clearly, women aren’t wearing these clothes only to the studio.

Women sport womens workout clothes in their daily lives – while running errands, meeting their friends, picking up their kids, even going to work, in their yoga pants and sneakers. In fact, some of the clothes that are considered part of the athleisure trend are far enough from yoga that it’s not clear that they’d be appropriate or practical to use for a yoga class. If the styles aren’t practical for athletics, nor do they foster a sense of leisure, it seems strange to call it athleisure.

If it’s not athleisure, then what is it? High fashion, of course!

1. Mesh shrugs

The mesh shrug is a garment named after a physical gesture made with one’s shoulders meant to express doubt, ignorance or indifference. An article of clothing that somebody in the history of fashion invented because… meh, why not? Was this a nod to the heat of Bikram? Perhaps, but I’m sorry, Mr. Wang. You make beautiful clothes, but I cannot imagine wearing a shrug to yoga class. Have you ever worn a shrug, Mr. Wang? Let me assure you there is nothing leisurely about it. Most of the time is spent wondering where the bottom half of one’s jacket got to.

2. Corsets over velour tracksuits

Oh dear. It seems like we only just rid ourselves of the velour tracksuit problem, and yet here they are, back again, a full infestation on the pages of Vogue. And this time, rather than the lettering on the butt. Again, borderline on the athletic and definitely not leisurely.

3. Yoga Romper

Are you over the age of 18 months? If so, you might want to steer clear of clothing items referred to as “romper,” whether you plan to wear it to yoga class or anywhere else. What if you’re really attached to the idea of a yoga romper? Maybe tucking your shirt in has become tiresome. Or keeping it tucked whilst in the middle of a downward dog position? May we suggest an alternative approach? Have you thought about trying naked yoga? With naked yoga, all of the frustrating clothing related difficulties are removed. Plus, you save all that money you might have spent on buying new rompers. Just a thought.

Some market analysts are forecasting an athleisure bubble. If they’re looking at the trends above, I can see why they might think the end is near. We yogis know there will always be room for fashionable, comfortable yoga pants in our lives. Namaste.