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How to Wear an Open Back Shirt to Yoga

You’ve probably already seen one of the trendiest new cuts for tops this season. Lots of shirts are showing an open back to put your spine and back muscles on full display. Yogis can definitely take advantage of this trend because a regular practice should leave you with a nicely sculpted back. However, it may be a bit tricky to find the perfect open back shirt to wear during your yoga practice.

Most yogis are eager to incorporate the latest fashion trends into their outfits for their classes. Some of these trends require a little more thought to ensure that they are safe and appropriate for the yoga classroom. An open-back shirt can certainly be worn, but you have to find the right cut.

Because this seems to be such a popular item this spring, we knew you would welcome these guidelines for how to wear an open-back shirt to yoga.

Look For Tops That Won’t Flow in the Front Too Much

Many of the open-back tops today are designed so that they flutter forward with a flowing design. While some looseness is desirable in a yoga top, you won’t want anything that is so flowing it distracts or gets in the way during your practice. A good test to determine if your shirt is too loose would be to try a few standing forward folds and downward facing dogs. If the flow of the fabric bothers you, you know that this top isn’t going to be ideal for a yoga practice.

Leave the High-Waisted Yoga Leggings at Home

The entire purpose of the open-back top is to show off your finely sculpted back muscles. Don’t detract from the purpose of the shirt by wearing high-waisted yoga leggings that cover it up. Opt for a traditional pair of yoga leggings or a pair with a printed fold-over waistband. This allows you to make the best use of the style on this top, as well as add a little bit of interest.

Choose a Longer Top

When it comes to this style, a longer shirt is really better than a crop top. The longer length allows you to see more of the detail and really maximizes the impact that it can make on your outfit. Particularly, if you purchase a shirt with a bold pattern, a longer top allows you to put both the pattern and the style on full display. It allows you to have the timeless style of a tunic combined with one of the hottest trends this season.

Whether you choose a top that is entirely open in the back or just has small cutouts, this trend is likely here to stay. Yogis can try to stay on top of it by finding ways to incorporate the open back shirt style into the yoga outfit. With these key tips to help you find the perfect fit, you can rest a little easier and practice more safely.