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Tantrum Yoga

Kids are the living reminders of how simple life can be if you stay true to yourself. They have an innocent outlook on life, are careless whether they fit societal norms or not, and have the courage to show what they really feel. Kids are very fun to be around, but sometimes, they feel overstimulated with situations and fear. When this happens, it leads to stomping, screaming and crying. These are the ways they release their emotions that will surely be followed by calm quietness or sleep.

Sometimes, being caught up with world’s demanding living can be very stressful. When these emotions which caused the stress are not dealt with, they can lead to problems such as depression and diseases. It is always a must to release any toxic emotions before they affect you mentally and physically. Sometimes, the only way left when communication and meditation fails is tantrums.

Melting Down Your Temper
We all feel burned out from time to time and dealing with it isn’t always easy. When experiencing rage and high-stress levels, facing adversity and it seems that there is no way out, expressing your deep negative emotions by screaming, stomping and crying out loud is the only way to release these emotions. Though adults showing tantrums can be a bit silly, this method is effective and safe to practice.

Kicking Cat. To do this position, sit comfortably on the ground and extend your legs forward. Slightly bend your knees and place your hands on your side. Slowly begin kicking your feet and wiggling your arms. Make sure to keep your weight on your buttocks for stability. You can do this movement as much as you want while screaming or crying until you feel calm within.

Wet Noodle. Begin by lying on your back with your feet slightly apart. Then, extend your arms sideways and bend by the
 elbows. Start wiggling your hips and kicking your feet while trying to keep your arms still in position. Continue doing the movement until all the heaviness you feel are eased out.

Stomping Elephant. This one is the simplest yet most effective move to ease out your anger or stress. Just stand up, bend your arms by the elbows, and slightly lift them away from your body. Begin stomping the floor gently, then, increase the intensity of each stomp by adding a little jump. You can swing your arms alternately to keep your balance.

Calm before the Storm. This is best performed at the end of your Tantrum Yoga session. Just simply sit on the floor and cross your legs. By this point, you are probably exhausted from screaming and crying along with the movements. So, take as much time as you want in this position, until your breathing returns to normal. While you’re sitting, it is best to contemplate on your thoughts due to the fact that your mind is currently in a calm state after expressing your emotions. 

Sometimes, emotions can be so uncontainable. Holding back the stress, anger or any negativity will only cause damage within. The next time that no medium seems to ease out your heaviness, give Tantrum Yoga a try. Practice with an open heart and always have fun!